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This is Really Happening

As I sit at my gate, preparing to leave Minnesota the only place I've ever called home, I am filled with so many emotions. Excitement. Anxiety. Eagerness. Fear. Even as I sit here waiting to board my first of many flights and journey to the other side of the world, I am still in shock that this is actually happening.

I am moving to China. This is real. This is my life now. Wow. The journey has been a long one so far. Hours of paperwork, application questions, phone calls, and video chat interviews. This is happening. In all seriousness I feel like I need to continually pinch myself to make sure I'm not simply dreaming.  

I also find myself looking around at the other people waiting for this same flight, wondering who of them will venture all the way to China as well. If not to China, where is their final destination? What is their next adventure? Are they scared, anxious, nervous? Am I alone in feeling the way I do? I so badly wish I was that tough world traveler girl who fearlessly ventures to new places. Maybe someday I will be that girl. But I can guarantee that is not me today. However, I feel more at peace than I thought I would.  

To everyone who has supported me throughout this whole journey and who continue to support me, thank you so very much. I appreciate all of the love and support more than you will ever know. Well here goes nothing. This next chapter of life will definitely be an interesting one.

xx Noelle

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