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/noun/ a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass.

As I was playing a trivia game on my phone I came across a question that caught my attention: "What is a beautiful form of artwork that uses pieces of broken glass?" The answer? A mosaic.

Pieces. Of. Broken. Glass. A. Beautiful. Form. Of. Artwork.

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about feeling very broken, like a shattered piece of glass that was barely holding it together. I felt like I was one big gust of wind away from completely falling apart. Despite knowing God has a plan for all of this, the past year has still been very hard and at times unbearable. But then I read that trivia question, broken pieces of glass used to make beautiful art. Wow. Even though that post was months ago, I still have days or weeks when I feel broken. Times when I feel like there is nothing good about my current situation and certainly no beauty could ever possibly come out of this. But as I thought about this question more the song Beautiful Things by Gungor came to mind.

"You make beautiful things,

You make beautiful things out of the dust

You make beautiful things,

You make beautiful things out of us"

My mom recently bought a mosaic trivet from a family friend's daughter. Made from small pieces of colored glass pressed into plaster. So plaster, something dusty or dirty, and broken glass put together to make something not only beautiful but also useful.

A little dirt or rough, broken edges doesn't scare God. Even if we are broken, tattered, torn, and dirty, He can make something beautiful out of it. I may not know, yet, what will come from my broken pieces, but whatever it is it will be a beautiful mosaic.

**For updates on my cancer journey you can follow the CaringBridge page we have created to more easily share with loved ones:

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