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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time

I said, "Good morning class."

I gave hugs, I gave reminders

I answered lots of questions

Now I lay in bed

Reminiscing on the past

I watch Netflix, I take medicine

I get hard questions answered

I used to say, "nǐhǎo" (你好)

"Xièxiè" (谢谢) and “zàijiàn” (再见)

But now I just say, "hello,

I'm here for lab work again.."

I hiked mountains, ate great food

Taught my cat how to play fetch

Learned to navigate a culture

So different from my own

Now I don't teach

And I don't have my cat

I may never see some friends again

I don't know when or if I'll ever go back

But ever so slowly

I have been learning

Despite all of the losses

The many things I do have

I have family and friends

Who love me so deeply

I have a husband who has been

By my side to love and support me

I have doctors and nurses

Who are excellent and kind

I have a home that keeps me warm

As winter approaches

I have... I have to be honest

Sometimes it is REALLY hard

To notice the good

Amongst all the bad

I will keep trying to

Find and acknowledge

All the blessings in my life

A constant work in progress

*written November 23, 2020*

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