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One Year Ago

One year.


Today marks one year.

A year ago I was at the hospital preparing for the biggest moment of my life. Bigger than graduating from university. Bigger than moving to China. Bigger than getting married. The thing we compare so many scenarios to, “it’s not brain surgery.” Except this time, it WAS brain surgery! Or in fancy medical terms a craniotomy.

I remember sitting alone in my pre-op room, dressed in my hospital gown and red surgery socks, IV in, and ready to go. It would have been completely understandable for me to be scared and freaking out at this point. The lady a few rooms down was. But I wasn’t. I was completely calm and at peace. I 100% equate that with the fact that I had loved ones around the world praying for me. Students, coworkers, friends, and family.

When I woke up after surgery the first thought I had was, “I’m alive!” Thank you God. Thank you for the incredible people in my life and for keeping me safe both then and now.

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